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Estate Planning

Planning for the future with Wills and Trusts

Planning for old age, our family's protection or ill health is often an extremely difficult subject to discuss with those closest to us. The variety and diversity of investments that have to make up our income and latterly our pension fund means that we have found ourselves in a more complex, more regulated environment. Understandably this area of law is under constant review and, as a result, constantly changing.

We are enjoying a quality of life not seen before. Increases in personal wealth have for so many been continuous for a considerable period of time. Prudence, successful careers, strong businesses, banking investments and ever increasing property assets have all led to an individual’s financial affairs becoming varied and complicated.

Recent surveys indicate that a staggering 58% of adults in the UK have not made a Will. Perhaps even more alarming is that 74% of co-habiting adults do not have a Will. What happens to their assets on death? What happens to their partner?

If you die without a Will the Intestacy Provisions Act will dictate how your money, property and possessions will be allocated. This would certainly not be how you’d want your estate to be distributed.  Having your Will professionally drafted is the only way to ensure that your estate is dealt with exactly as you wish when you die.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when planning your Will. Your estate should not become a problem for your bereaved family to deal with.

It is essential that that you invest the time proportionate to the estate. You should know that your Will is correctly written, legally valid and most importantly updated annually or at least biennially. You should ensure that you take into account changing family circumstances and  the possible increasing value of your assets. Your family should not be left to disagree over your legacy.

We make a considerable number of new Wills every year for people in a variety of circumstances so is it time for you to review and organise your affairs?

What makes us different?

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in acting for private individuals and family businesses. We are privileged to act as our clients’ close and trusted advisers and we will do everything in our power to protect our clients’ interests. We place great weight on our duty to act professionally whilst maintaining complete objectivity.

Many of our senior staff are active trustees of successful businesses, family legacy trusts and also charitable foundations. We have not only in-depth knowledge and experience but also a passion for sharing that knowledge.

With our offices in London and the Lakes we maintain an informal network of like-minded and independent professionals so that in every case we can engage a bespoke team.

We make it our business to be at the very forefront of cutting edge knowledge, making sure that your Will and family trust is up to date and as relevant as possible. Every Will is written and overseen by a qualified legal executive or solicitor. Every Trust will be overseen by one of three directors.

Our Services:

  • Individual and Family Will Writing
  • Business Will Writing
  • Will writing for LGBT Community
  • Trust Writing and Formation of Trusts

Our Estate Planning Specialists

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