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Professional, concise, dispassionate advice from the start

We live in an increasingly competitive and regulated world and as a result disputes have become an everyday occurrence whether in our personal or business lives. Economic downturns tend to aggravate this factor for the simple reason that economic pressures tend to strengthen the breakdown of relationships.

When money is restricted and access to liquidity is scarce, contentious issues tend to rise to the surface. Difficult decisions have to be made about whether to maintain relationships and ongoing financial obligations, or whether short term costs outweigh longer term commitments.

As a firm we have seen a significant rise in the number of family disputes but also the considerable increase in commercial disagreements and also in the financial elements at stake. Regrettably this is a trend we believe that is set to grow as larger more complicated disputes arise out of increasing capital growth, insufficient planning and sometimes poor legal advice.  When disputes do arise the stakes are invariably high for all parties, not only significant financial issues are at stake but also potentially personal, emotional and reputational relationships for the parties involved.

The change of mood within the economy has seen ‘accountability’ become one of the most over-used words in the English language. Past actions, if indeed incorrect, will now lead to an increase in litigation both private and commercial.  Lawyers must not only provide an excellent service but take a more proactive approach to cost of this service than ever before.

Why are we different?

When a dispute happens, it invariably leads to a period of unsettled, emotionally upsetting and often stressful time in one’s life. The simple solution is to try and resolve the matter as efficiently and quickly as possible. However the law is often complex, frequently interpreted in different ways and potentially with so much at stake, rational people can be consumed by emotion and irrational thought in the midst of such a dispute.

We offer professional, concise, clear, dispassionate advice from the start. The advice will come from lawyers who are highly qualified in their field with years of practical experience. Part of this process is addressing any potential anxiety about costs. We will offer you a breakdown of probable charges at our earliest opportunity. We issue regular statements throughout the process detailing each cost and what the work involved.

Whether your dispute is personal or commercial, our philosophy remains exactly the same. Establish the facts at the earliest opportunity and we will explain the options open to you. Resolution itself can be as diverse as the original dispute.  Every dispute we encounter requires a bespoke resolution and on that basis we look to achieve what is in our client’s best interests and if possible exactly what our client’s objective is. We take management of your dispute so that we can resolve it for you.

Our Services

  • Contractual Disputes
  • Defamation Claims
  • Employment Advice
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Professional Negligence

Our Litigation Specialists

Justin Roberts
Justin is head of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department dealing with a wide range of commercial litigation disputes in the areas of law including... More