Client Highlights

We have an extremely wide and varying client base ranging from professionals to private clients, family trusts, company boards, multi-national companies and sole trading businesses.

Not only do we understand their privacy, we do everything possible to protect and respect it. When you deal with Gedye and Sons, discretion and confidentiality are assured at all times.

Some of our clients are extremely satisfied to be able to acknowledge the service we have provided to them and below are a small sample of some of those comments.


Thanks so much Mark.

I know that we are still to complete but I am confident that we will end up with the property and the mortgage, hopefully both arriving on the same day! Without the extraordinary determination and commitment of you Nick and Claire this deal would have inevitably collapsed this week. I am very grateful. Regards Andy

Dr A Nordin, Re-assignment Conveyancing

I am emailing you just to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for referring me to Justin Roberts of your firm.

We had the mediation yesterday and reached a resolution. Justin is a true diamond and has been my tower, always going the extra mile to support me, not only in his capacity as my solicitor, but in offering me his support and reassurance, anticipating when I was upset and scared! I have found in him a true friend and will stay in touch.

You should be so proud to have him on your team!

I thank God the day I met you, and I know this might sound daft, but I really feel as though you were sent to me that day!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous 2016. With Best wishes

Angela Ratcliff

As a client of Gedye and Sons Solicitors Ltd over the last year for probate purposes in my role as executor, I have experienced a wholly professional, courteous and exemplary level of service.

Over the last four months I have also had reason to deal with Mark Jones and his conveyancing team as my late mother had shares in two properties which formed part of her estate. I am pleased to say that the sales of both properties have been brought to a successful conclusion recently due to the hard-work, determination and thoroughness of Mark and his team, who had to work particularly hard on a tricky leasehold flat sale riddled with lease complexities.

Mark and his team dealt admirably with the last-minute ‘red-herrings’ from the buyers and their solicitors, who had been fairly non-responsive throughout the process. It takes a cool and calm person to manage such difficulties and I’m pleased to say that from the first conversation I had with Mark that this was the impression he portrayed to me taking time to explain matters of law that I, as lead executor, needed to comment on. I applaud Mark for his efforts, am thankful to him and his team for their professionalism, understanding, and attention-to-detail which has ultimately got us where we are today, almost at the conclusion of a difficult probate matter. I would definitely recommend Gedye and Sons to friends and family based on my experiences over the last year.

A Private Client

From first meeting with your private client team it was clear that you had the right personality to be the solicitors for my mother and aunt; very approachable but very professional. The preparation of the wills was carried out quickly and efficiently and despite being 12,000 miles away, I felt very confident that Gedye & Sons would handle my aunt’s affairs professionally. I was regularly apprised of the stage reached and felt reassured having their assistance.

Michael Satterthwaite

I have worked with Gedye & Sons Solicitors on a range of client matters for more than 20 years. I have found that they provide wise, accurate, practical advice which is sensitive to the personal client’s circumstances, and delivered in a style and manner appreciated by clients.

Jonathan Heaton
Director Financial Resources Limited

Living in a different country than your parent presents many challenges over the course of a lifetime but none greater than during sickness and the eventual death of that parent. The staff at Gedye and Sons provided me with much more than service, led by the outstanding efforts of your solicitors, they dealt with all the arrangements with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Legal requirements differ greatly between our two countries but despite being thousands of miles apart, the staff at Gedye and Sons were able to get the job done. They ensured that I clearly understood the reason for each action required on my part when dealing with social services, care homes, estate agents and financial institutions.

Stephen Neale

I was recommended to Richard Roberts of Gedye and Sons 3 years ago when I had a very distressing Inheritance dispute on the death of my husband. Richard was unfailingly professional and was able to resolve this most painful issue within the family and enabled me to get through a very difficult time. I do not think I could have managed without him. I continue to use Gedye and Sons for all my legal affairs since then, and they are always fair, informed and professional. I could not wish for better professional advice. I was a practicing barrister for many years and have, therefore, had a lot to do with solicitors and can truly say that Gedye and Sons are far and away the best to deal with.

Lady Alexander of Weedon