Sensible, measured advice and assistance

Suffering bereavement within a family is an emotional and distressing time for all those concerned. The sense of loss is often overwhelming and this becomes highlighted when trying to unravel the finances and assets of someone who has passed away. Probate is that legal process.

It can be a more complicated process than first meets the eye. Establishing the whereabouts of a Will and proving it is valid can be a considerable challenge in itself. Attitudes and lifestyles have evolved. We live in a world of increasing co-habitation where individuals and their financial affairs can often be extremely complicated. Dealing with all these scenarios, particularly with such potential variety of investments or property assets to establish can be an extremely difficult task. Establishing their correct value is fraught with potential risk.

Many estates are subject to inheritance tax and calculating the various reliefs and exemptions is not always easy.

What makes us different?

Our dedicated team draws on several decades of varied experience to guide you and you family through this process. We have specialists who will handle all of the probate process for you including the complex HMRC tax forms. We have access to financial specialists who can unravel often complex investment, banking and insurance affairs as well as property advisors to offer balanced advice on market values and your options on the disposal.

Our services

  • Applications for Grant of Probate
  • Negotiating and Liaising with HMRC on behalf of the beneficiaries
  • Completion of the Inheritance Tax Forms
  • Accounting to the Beneficiaries